Henry’s Story

My son Henry was born prematurely at 30 weeks, due to an emergency situation.

I woke up in the intensive care unit euphoric to be alive, sad that my baby was having such a tough start in life, relieved to see my husband and no idea of the rollercoaster ride that was to come.

Henry was in hospital for 12 weeks due to his prematurity & severe apnoea episodes. He endured numerous tests, MRI scans, transfusions, x-rays and an operation before he was finally well enough to come home. He was cared for at both the TMBU at RSCH and the SCBU at PRH.

I and my family will be eternally grateful for the expertise and care shown by all the staff at both hospitals – they saved my life & that of our son, who was born not breathing.

It is impossible to say thank you to them all – however, joining the EBA has enabled me to indirectly do that by helping to raise funds locally and knowing that in doing so, we are supporting other families with similar stories to our own.

Henry is now a smiley one-year-old adored by us all!

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Laura Scott.

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