EBA Funded Advanced Resuscitation of Newborn Infant Course

We have received very positive feedback from Dr Cassie Lawn Consultant Neonatologist at Trevor Mann Baby Unit on funding the EBA provided for equipment to set up the Advanced Resuscitation of Newborn Infant Course (ARNI).

Dr Lawn says “The Advanced Resuscitation of Newborn Infant Course (ARNI) is a national course that was developed in conjunction with national neonatal medical and nursing experts and the Resus Council UK.  TMBU have run this course for 4 years in Brighton thanks to the invaluable funding that the EBA gave us for set up costs of £ 10579.01.  The course has been hugely well received and trains and keeps senior doctors and nurses up to date in advanced resuscitation skills in the newborn infant.  The course also concentrates on developing human factors and team working as well as teaching technical skills. From the initial set up on the TMBU, ARNI development has also progressed nationally and there are now over 10 course centres in the UK and this training receives wide feedback across the UK which is universally positive. Training in the course enables individuals to better deal with rare emergencies and improve the team working, not only in emergency situations but in all aspects of neonatal care.  A strong emphasis in ARNI courses is on how to have conversations with parents in difficult situations and we develop the course in conjunction with advice from BLISS and parent representatives. The picture below is from a recent course in London using the SMART training equipment.”

The EBA thank all of our supporters and fundraisers for your continued support in making things like this possible.


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